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About SPR

Founded in 1960, the Society for Psychophysiological Research is an international scientific society with worldwide membership. The purpose of the Society is to foster research on the interrelationships between the

physiological and psychological aspects of behavior. To promote this purpose, the Society publishes scientific literature, including the journal Psychophysiology, and holds annual meetings for presentation and discussion

of original theory and research, instrumentation and methodology, and new directions and standards in the field.

Congratulations are in order for Greg Hajcak Proudfit, who has been awarded an Early Career Impact Award by the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS) Foundation. The FABBS federation, which includes SPR among its 22 member societies, serves as a national advocate for science; its sister, the FABBS foundation, aims to advance public understanding of the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior.

Dr. Hajcak Proudfit is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at Stony Brook University. He completed his doctoral training at the University of Delaware under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Simons. He has been an

SPR member since 2001, and received a Tursky award in 2002. His current work uses psychophysiological and neurobiological measures to address basic questions about the relationship between emotion and

cognition, as well as examining the role of disrupted affective-cognitive processes in risk for anxiety, depression, and psychosis.

Source : sprweb

Representatives from the FABBS Foundation award will present the award to Dr. Hajcak Proudfit at the Business Luncheon of SPR´s 2014 meeting in Atlanta, as SPR submitted the initial nomination for the award.

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